Workshops are each 50 minutes long. Each attendee will be asked to select their top choices during preference selection, which will occur a few weeks after ticket sales and registration.

Suturing Workshop 

Suturing is an essential skill, whether you’re a family doc, a surgeon, or working in the emerg. This workshop will cover the basics of suturing lacerations and incisions. Get hands-on experience with sutures, forceps, and needle drivers, and practice some basic knots and stitches.


EKG Interpretation Workshop 

EKGs are notoriously hard to read. This workshop will give an overview of the approach to interpreting an EKG. We will discuss what a 12 lead EKG is, identify the parts of a normal EKG tracing, and share strategies and steps for interpretation. Find meaning in all those squiggly lines by learning how to calculate the heart rate from the rhythm strip, differentiate a normal EKG from an abnormal one, and perhaps even identify the presentation of some arrhythmias.

IV Insertion Workshop 

Almost every inpatient needs an IV. Get familiar with the parts of an IV set, understand the indications for when an IV is necessary, and practice starting IVs using training models.

Splinting and Casting Workshop 

Fractures are one of the most common injuries in every age group. Learn the process of splinting and casting different types of fractures, and get hands-on practice applying a short arm splint with plaster splinting material.

CaRMS Information Workshop 

If you are stressed and confused about CaRMS, you are not alone. Learn more about the residency matching system at this information session, where our facilitators will discuss the CaRMS process, give you their top tips to craft a compelling application, and answer any questions you have about applying for postgraduate medical training.