Workshops are each 1 hour long (except for Stand Up for Health and POCUS workshops that are each 2 hours long). Each attendee will be asked to select their top choices during registration, and will be assigned to two 1-hour or one 2-hour workshop.



Stand Up for Health Workshop (2 hours)

Created for medical students by medical students in Ontario, Stand Up for Health or SU4H is an immersive simulation that gives participants a better understanding and appreciation of the social determinants of health through experiential learning. Participants are placed in the role of Canadians living in poverty and must interact, make choices, and solve challenges within their given set of circumstances. The latter portion of the workshop consists of a facilitated discussion on challenges faced by marginalized Canadians as well as on public policy that leads to a healthy and equitable society.


Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) Workshop (2 hours)

Students will have the opportunity to get hands on experience using ultrasounds. POCUS applications will be taught based on the following list of options that will be decided on prior to OMSW depending on student interest.

  • Knobology - A quick review of the basic principles of US, the relevant parts of the machine needed to perform scans, and some terminology surrounding scanning that will set students up for success in learning and performing the scans throughout the sessions.
  • Lung - congestive heart failure, pneumothorax
  • Airway - endotracheal/esophageal intubation
  • Cardiac
  • Aorta
  • MSK - joint effusions, achilles, rotator cuff
  • Needle guidance


Overdose Education and Naloxone Workshop (1 hour)

Students will have the opportunity to acquire life-saving skills and strategies for opioid overdoses using naloxone kits.


"Little a" Advocacy Workshop (1 hour)

Information to come...


Sexual Health 101 Workshop (1 hour)

Information to come...


Suturing Workshop (1 hour)

Students will have the opportunity to learn the basics of suturing and practice their skills. Several forms of suturing techniques will be taught over the course of the session. The session will be led by a number of skilled residents and medical students who will be able to help students improve their technique.


Casting Workshop (1 hour)

Students will have the opportunity to practice casting techniques on one another with the help and guidance of resident physicians.