Keynote Speaker: Dr. Lacey Pitre


Born and raised in Sudbury, Dr. Lacey Pitre is a member of the second graduating class of the Northern Ontario School of Medicine MD Program and the first FRCP(C)-trained graduate to return to Sudbury. After completing a residency in Internal Medicine and a fellowship in Medical Oncology at McMaster University in 2015, Dr. Pitre became a medical oncologist at Health Sciences North (HSN), where she also serves as Clinical Teaching Unit Site Director for Internal Medicine. She is the lead for clinical trials at the Northeast Cancer Centre in Sudbury and is the local principal investigator on multiple clinical trials in the breast and lung cancer domains. 



Speaker Sessions


This year we are excited to announce that we have 8 excellent sessions brought to you by a wide range of fantastic speakers. Many of these speakers will be giving two sessions each, assuring you get to hear the about the topics you want from some of the most respected voices in those fields.


Healthcare in Conflict Zones: Dr. Mark Gallow

Dr. Mark Gallow has completed two assignments with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), one in South Sudan and most recently in Afghanistan. He’ll be able to talk about his experiences working in these two conflict zones, and share his insight into helping these underserviced countries.


LGBT2-SQ+ Health: Dr. Sean Sullivan and Benjamin Cassidy

Dr. Sean Sullivan, a strong advocate for LGBT2-SQ+ Health in Northern Ontario, will be providing an overview of the importance of culturally appropriate LGBT2-SQ+ health care. This interactive talk will cover many areas of LGBT2-SQ+ Health, including help with navigating appropriate terminology, review of key issues in LGBT2-SQ+ healthcare (e.g., Trans Health, PEP/PREP, etc.), understanding the social determinants of health as they impact LGBT2-SQ+ individuals, and an approach to interacting with LGBT2-SQ+ patients in clinic.


Indigenous Issues: The Debajehmujig Storytellers

The Debajehmujig Storytellers is a multi-art, creation company from Wikwemikong First Nation on Manitoulin Island. They tour Internationally, telling stories that share and educate about the Anishnabek. They will run an interactive seminar focused around indigenous world views and how this effects the human experience of “issues” including "health issues". This is a one of a kind opportunity, and one that we are honoured to be able to bring to you.


Researching Indigenous Health: Dr. Janet McElhaney

Dr. Janey McElhaney will be delivering a talk focusing on the ethical concerns and considerations for research involving indigenous populations, as well as discussing the importance of such research for these communities.


Cultural Safety: Dr. Marion Maar

A unique talk on cultural safety that focuses on visual thinking strategies and art from the recent Noojamadaa exhibit.


Wellness in Medicine: Dr. Jason Shack

Dr. Shack, a practicing family physician and Assistant Dean or Learner Affairs at the Northern Ontario school of medicine,  is joining us at OMSW to talk about a topic we all are trained to ask about in a group but often forget to apply to ourselves — that topic is Wellness. For those of you wanting to hear adivce and have an honest discussion about how to keep yourself well in medicine, this session is for you.


Francophone & Rural Practice Perspectives: Dr. Noémie Robert-Lajeunesse

Whether you are attending school in Sudbury, or just joining us for the weekend, this discussion on the issues faced, and the skills needed, to pratice francophone or rural medicine is sure to be of interest to you. This session will not only take a look at the big picture of funding and servicing these areas, but talk about the skills and practices needed to effectively work in them.


Leadership: Andrew Dawson and Vivian Ng

The Chair and co-chair of the OMSA, Andrew Dawson and Vivian Ng have agreed to give a talk about structure of the OMSA and its committees, as well as some of their initiatives. A fantastic session for those looking for advice and strategies for fruitful student leadership.